Paper Christmas Tree Crafts — 6 Simple Designs

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012

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With Christmas just around the corner, you may be looking for some fun crafts to do with your kids, or to simply do on your own to decorate for the holidays. One simple and thrifty way to decorate is by using paper. We all know the centerpiece of Christmas is the big holiday tree, so these paper crafts all include that focal point of the big day. These six paper Christmas tree crafts will give you a place to start when making your holiday decorations.

A Christmas tree made from green construction paper with paper ornaments stuck to it
Simple Paper Christmas Tree

The simplest of all paper Christmas tree crafts, and a favorite with kids, is the two dimensional tree with added paper embellishments. All you need for this craft are supplies such as construction paper, poster paint, glue and scissors. Draw the shape of a Christmas tree on some green construction paper, cut it out and create ornaments for the tree from more construction paper. It’s a great way to get kids ready for the holidays and an easy way to decorate your home. 
For instructions on this Christmas tree craft, visit First Palette.
A Christmas card with a tree made from chains of paper folded together.
Minimalist Christmas Tree Card

Send your loved ones a homemade Christmas tree craft in an envelope. All you need is some scrapbook paper for the actual card and some strips of colored, patterned paper for the Christmas tree on the front. Fold the colorful paper into chains as you would with gum wrappers (see tutorial here), and then simply position them on the card into the shape of a Christmas tree. It’s cute, minimalist and easy to make.
For full directions on this Christmas tree craft, visit Art Projects for Kids.
Christmas tree with paper chains made from paper with musical notes on it.
Musical Paper Chain

One of the most well-known decorations for your holiday tree is the paper chain. This Christmas tree craft is a great way to make a traditional decoration classy. For this project, you’ll need some old hymnals or sheet music that you’re willing to slice with some scissors. Cut those musical pages into strips with scrapbook scissors that will give them an embellished edge. Hang them on your tree and you have a festive, classy decoration!
For more instructions on this Christmas tree craft, visit Everything Mom.
A paper snowflake that is 3D.
3-D Paper Snowflake

One of the prettiest and most seasonally appropriate Christmas tree crafts is the paper snowflake ornament. This particular project is for a 3-D paper snowflake, which is just more awesome, even if it does look a bit complicated. Six sheets of paper are needed for this project. You can use plain white paper or get more creative and buy some patterned paper instead. Fold your paper into triangles and then it’s time to start cutting! The final product will be a gorgeous paper craft that you can hang on your Christmas tree. 
For full directions on this Christmas tree craft, visit WikiHow.
A Christmas angel made from a paper plate.
Paper Plate Christmas Angel

Here’s another great craft that you can do with kids. For a traditional topper to your holiday tree, check out this Christmas tree craft, a paper plate angel. All you need is, of course, a paper plate and some craft supplies such as paint, stickers, glitter and glue. Draw the outline of an angel at the top of your plate, cut around the lines and fold back the body to start decorating.
For complete instructions on this Christmas tree craft, visit NurtureStore.
A Christmas tree centerpiece made from green, curled paper.
Curly Paper Centerpiece

To branch out from the actual pine tree in your living room, this Christmas tree craft is a fun centerpiece for the holiday table. To create this crazy, curly Christmas tree, you’ll need a Styrofoam cone, plenty of green construction paper, hot glue and scissors.
For full directions on this Christmas tree craft, visit Marvelously Messy.

Credits: First Palette, Art Projects for Kids, Everything Mom, WikiHow, NurtureStore, and Marvelously Messy. 

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