The Magic of Marbling Paper, Ceramics, Fabric and More

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015

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Marbling is the art of creating a distinctive swirled and abstract pattern with inks, paints or dyes. As an alternative to stripes, polka-dots and other typical designs, marbling is an approach that makes each piece unique — in fact, no two marbled crafts will ever be exactly the same! 

Want to try out this cool technique? Learn how to marble paper, ceramic, fabric and more in these 7 tutorials from DIY bloggers.

DIY Marbled Mugs, DIY Marbled Crafts, Homemade Painted Mugs
DIY Marble Mugs
These marbled coffee mugs are not only artful, but when you've applied a sealant, they're also microwave and dishwasher safe. Armed with a few shades of nail polish and a deep container of warm water, you can completely revamp your set of plain white dishes.

Marbled Jewelry Box, DIY Wrapping Paper, DIY Marbling Crafts
Marbled Jewelry Gift Boxes
Next time you're wrapping a gift, skip the store-bought wrapping paper and instead make a marbled gift box. Not only is this DIY project cheap, but the handmade touch will make your present even more special.

DIY Marbled Clothing, DIY Marbled Crafts, How to Marble Clothing
DIY Marbled Clothing
It's not just paper or ceramic that you can marble — fabric, too! Make DIY marbled clothing using a combination of water and dye, or by diffusing dye in shaving cream to marble the fabric.

Marbled Phone Case, DIY iPhone Case, DIY Marbling Crafts
Marbled SmartPhone Case
Once we saw these insanely cool marbled iPhone cases, we threw our OtterBoxes to the wayside. For this craft, all you'll need is a solid plastic case, nail polish and some drying time. Easy, peasy!

How to Marble Paper, DIY Marble Photograph, DIY Paper Crafts
Marbled Photograph
By applying the same technique you used to marble an entire sheet of paper, crafters can also marble the negative space in a printed photo to create an even more unique work of art.

Interior Drip-Painted Vase
You thought all painting would be on the outside, right? Well, this vlogger uses several colors of glossy acrylic paint to coat the inside of a glass vase to create a marbled effect on a glass vase.

DIY Marbled Paper, Homemade Marbled Paper, DIY Paper Crafts
Marbled Paper
Read through this blogger's detailed account of her trials and errors with creating DIY marbled paper. In her post, she covers several methods and "recipes" for paper marbling. Judging by her beautiful results, we'd say her efforts resulted in a beautiful success!

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