Pretty Cool Paper Plate Crafts for Grown-Ups

Posted by on Sep 02, 2014

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Paper plate crafts are tons of fun for the kids, but there are some really cute and clever ways to take advantage of the shapes, colors and edges of paper plates. Here are some ideas that will make you think twice about saving them just for picnics!

paper plate wall decor baby shower
Paper plates as wall décor above the dessert table are perfect when you're throwing a bubble-themed baby shower.

paper plate weaving
By cutting notched petals around the edge, you can turn a paper plate into an artful weaving.

paper plate zentangle mandala
How about a Zentangle on a paper plate — seal it with decoupage medium and you have a really colorful mandala for the wall.

paper plate magnolia napkin ring
The thickness of a paper plate lends itself well to cutting and curling into a beautiful magnolia for your tablescape.

paper plate hair band faxcinator
Learn how to clip your plates into super cute blooms to embellish a hairband.

paper plate fruit baskets
Fold up a a couple paper plates into an adorable basket to hold a hostess gift of cookies, candies or fresh fruit.

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