Quick Handmade Gifts for Mother's Day

Posted by on May 04, 2017

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As much as Mom enjoyed the coupon book for hugs and the noodle necklace you made for Mother's Days past, it doesn't take weeks of laboring to make a DIY gift that sets the bar a bit higher. With one of these quick handmade Mother's Day gifts, you can make her day while not spending all of yours.

Handmade Mother
Give Mom an occasion to pamper herself by making her some DIY bath salts. A simple concoction of epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, essential oils and food coloring, this craft shouldn't take you more than a trip to the grocery store and a bit of mixing time. This blogger used test tubes, but you could use jars of any variety. Need we even suggest Mason?

DIY Day Planner, Decorate Planner Tutorial
Let's face it: to be a mom is to be constantly busy. With a cute and decorative DIY day planner, however, she might just enjoy planning her schedule weeks in advance.

DIY napkin tutorial, Painted Napkin DIY
Is your mom the perpetual hostess? Do casual suppers evolve into dinner parties, and breakfast get-togethers into ladies' brunches? If so, she deserves these DIY inkblot napkins. In all of 5 minutes, you can create a unique addition to her table that she can admire each time she entertains.

Love this idea? Try another DIY napkin project that uses everyday household items as paint stamps!

Handmade Mother
Opt for handmade over Hallmark this year with a DIY watercolor Mother's Day Card. With a little card stock and some watercolor paints, you can get creative while you get sentimental (because she'll love that sappy message inside the card — trust us).


DIY Watercolor Envelope, DIY Envelope Liner
Wait — Don't put away that paint just yet! When you're done with a watercolor card, try making a DIY watercolor envelope liner. Each artful addition to your gift is sure to make Mom smile. :)

DIY Folding Tray, DIY Picnic Tray, Handmade Folding Wooden Tray, DIY Mother
As far as picnicking in style, we're certain that using a handmade folding wood tray beats out balancing drinks on uneven ground while dodging ants on the blanket. All you need for this Mother's Day craft (beyond an afternoon and access to a saw) are basic materials found at your local hardwood and craft stores. 

Best of all, this gift is ultra-portable and it nearly disguises itself as a chic wooden purse.

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