Easy, Last-Minute Handmade Gifts for Mom

Posted by on May 07, 2022

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This deep into the Mother's Day countdown, there's one important thing to remember: don't panic. (And just in case you got that geek reference, here's our take on geek crafts, which might come in handy if your mom is addicted to, say, "Dr. Who.") 

But we digress. We've got a host of quick and easy crafts right here on CraftFoxes so you can still show your appreciation for Mom with more than words.

handwritten mother
Handwritten Love

There is, however, something to be said for words. Sometimes we neglect to say the simple thank-you's that mean so much, especially to parents. That's why you can never go wrong with a handmade card. See our posts on how to make an owl card and a pop-up card, or grab a balloon from a store and write your note with a Sharpie or ballpoint pen to send her a unique Mother's Day message.

hand-poured pillar candles with lettering
Say It with Candlelight

Spell out your appreciation for Mom with cookie cutters on a couple of pillar candles in her favorite scent. We have a tutorial on how to make pillar candles of your own, even out of your own candle leftovers. Try adding essential oils like citronella and lavender if Mom’s the outdoorsy type and wants bug-repelling candles.

tea light container embellished with family photo
Remember the Good Times

This is the last candle gift idea, we promise. We've seen photo coasters and even embellished change jars (if you haven't, be sure to check them out in our crafty graduation party ideas post). But how about transferring your favorite family photos onto little tea light containers? Check out our quick and easy tutorial.

handmade rose water for mother
Quick and Easy Rose Water

If there's a reason flowers are a bit of a cliché gift, it's because they're classic. But that's why we're here — to turn the ordinary into awesomesauce. And that's what handmade rosewater is. Just grab an organic bouquet from the farmers' market, follow these directions from All Sorts of Pretty, and gift it to Mom with a note on the many uses of rose water.

mason jar frog lids for flowers
Mason Jar Frog Lids for the Roses You Got

OK, so you got the flowers? That's perfect, because you can trim the stems and put them in these adorable Mason jars with frog lids made of mesh so Mom can arrange them any way she wants. Check out the tutorial on Craftaholics Anonymous.

Wish Mom Luck With a Lotus Ring Holder

You can make this lotus-shaped jewelry holder in one crafty afternoon. Just follow Erika's directions on Yay for Handmade.

handmade hot pan holders
Protect Her Hands with a Handle Cover

There is a very valid concern with giving ladies gifts that have anything to do with the kitchen (we're with you, Betty Friedan), but these hot pan handle covers are so quick and easy, we couldn't resist. Nothing wrong with making sure Mom — or Dad! — doesn't make any boo-boos in the kitchen, right? Make use of your scrap fabric pile with So Sew Easy's tutorial.

coin purse embellished with doily
With Love, from Grandma

Speaking of scrap fabric, here's another quick and easy sewing project to bust that scrap fabric pile. Ashley Little shares Whimseybox's free tutorial on this DIY coin purse. If you've got Grandma’s doilies lying around in the attic, try sewing it onto your coin purse to add an extra touch of motherly love.

fabric birds for mother
Sew Cute Love Birds

While you're in the sewing mood (and while we're talking about whimsy), why not sew a pair of adorable parakeets for Mom? This gift is ideal for birdwatchers and, well, cat-lovers.

washi tape luggage tag
Wish Mom Bon Voyage with Washi

No time to sew a luggage tag for your on-the-go mom? No problem. Anna-Maria has a tutorial on how to make a luggage tag out of washi tape and a card stock base.

cake in a mason jar
Get Crafty in the Kitchen

No one we know says "no thanks" to an edible gift. Check out our roundup of surprising Mother's Day cakes if you've run out of glue but are totally stocked up on frosting.


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