Mother's Day Gifts for Crafty Kids

Posted by on Apr 05, 2014

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Spring has finally sprung! Soon this holiday drought we've been in will come to an end, and it'll be time for Mother's Day. When the concept of this holiday is explained to kids, they often take it very seriously and want to get their mommy something nice for her special day, and one of the best things kids can give their moms is a handmade gift. They may make something special in their classrooms, but there are also plenty of crafting projects kids can make at home to give to their moms on Mother’s Day, and here they are.

A mock newspaper page proclaiming "World
Mother’s Day Newspaper

This printable, ready-to-color newspaper page is an adorable gift for any kid to give their mom. The format gives enough effusive praise to whichever mom is receiving it, but also leaves blanks open for kids to write in stuff about their moms and personalize the gift. They can check off which awesome qualities their mom has on a sidebar of the newspaper, and fill in details about all the fun things they do with their moms. This is a great and simple gift for kids to make on their own for Mother’s Day. The printable PDF of this mock newspaper page is available at the link below.
For more information on this Mother’s Day gift, visit Martha Stewart.
Handprint painted mason jar
Mason Jar Vase

Mason jars seem to be “all the rage” these days, and here’s a crafty way to use them for Mother’s Day. You’ll need a plain, clean Mason jar and some paint to create this crafty present. Choose a color of paint to use — preferably something spring-y — and pour it into the jar. Swirl the paint around inside the jar, to completely coat the inside. Once that’s dry, have your kiddies dip their hands in paint and add their handprint to the Mason jar. Top it all off with some fresh or false flowers and you’ve got a lovely Mother’s Day gift!
For more information on this Mother’s Day gift, visit Christina’s Adventures.
Apron decorated with flowers and butterflies made from handprints
Handprint Apron

Here’s another great handprint craft that kids can get involved in. This craft involves personalizing and decorating an apron for mom to use in the kitchen or anywhere else they need it. Once you have your apron, from a craft store or thrift shop, just get some paint and let the kids get creative! In addition to handprints, kids can add on pictures of flowers and grass, or butterflies and birds. Any sort of images the kids want to add on would make great decorations for this apron. 
For more information on this Mother’s Day gift, visit Little Page Turners.
Keychains with pictures of kids
Keychain Tags

Here’s the perfect gift for the mom on the go! If she’s got a lot of keys to carry around, she might just want to add on some keychains from her little ones. These are very simple to make; you can find some clear keychains at any craft store. Then all you need to do is slide in an image of the child giving the gift. You can even let them decorate the picture or add some stickers to the keychain. Make as many as are needed and then Mom can clip them onto her keys!
For more information on this Mother’s Day gift, visit Scrapscene.
framed handprint art
Handprint Frame

This next craft is perfect to hang on the wall long after Mother’s Day is over. For this craft, you’ll need some paint, a picture frame, and a “Love You” print that is downloadable from the link below. Once you print out the “Love You” page, have your little one dip their hands in some paint and place them upside down on the print, to create a heart shape around the words “Love You.” Then, when the paint is dry, simply place the print in your frame, which you can find just about anywhere and paint any color you’d like. 
For more information on this Mother’s Day gift, visit Lil’ Luna.
Flower bouquet made with cupcake liners
Fun Flowers

Winter has been rough, and your garden may not be up to snuff by the time Mother’s Day rolls around. If that’s the case, you can make your own paper flowers with this lovely craft. To create these flowers, you’ll need a plastic cup, some scrapbook paper, cupcake liners, and lots of decorations. First paint the plastic cup to act as your flower pot. Cut strips in the scrapbook paper and fold them down to create your stems. Your cupcake liners will act as the flowers themselves, so decorate them to your heart’s content. When you’re finished you’ll have a creatively made pot of flowers!
For more information on this Mother’s Day gift, visit Pre-school Play.

Credits: Martha Stewart, Christina's Adventures, Little Page Turners, Scrapscene, Lil' Luna, and Pre-school Play.



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