7 Minutes to Know the Sewing Machine Basics (VIDEO)

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

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New to sewing? Looking to transition from hand sewing to machine sewing? Need a sewing-machine refresher course? Whatever the case, this 7-minute video from Creativebug shows you how to identify the parts of a sewing machine, thread the machine, and wind a bobbin. Being a source for all things sewing, Creativebug is sponsoring the Fashion Sewing category in the 2015 Craftys Awards. For more information on this video, check it out either on YouTube or on Creativebug's website. Now, sit back, relax with a cup of coffee or tea, and prepare to learn about the wonders of the sewing machine.

The sewing machine looks daunting and complicated, but we're here to break it down for you. In this video, Creativebug instructor Liesl Gibson gives us a crash course in how to get started and work the machine. While you're watching the video, be sure to take notice of the following  basics of the sewing machine:

TWO SOURCES: Unlike hand sewing, machine sewing requires a spool of thread on top of the machine and a bobbin and thread underneath.

ENDS MEET: To form a stitch, the top and the bottom thread travel alongside each other with the two threads twisting and intertwining to create a stitch.

THE RIGHT BOBBIN: Be sure to use the right bobbin for your machine. Bobbins come in many different sizes, and using the wrong bobbin will not allow you to sew properly.

THE SMART WIND: Depending on how much thread your project calls for, you may want to wind the bobbin fully for a large project or wind the bobbing partly for a small project. When your bobbin is fully threaded, the bobbin will be released from the bobbin guide and will stop twisting. As machine makes and models are different, each one may require a different way of winding the bobbin and threading the machine.

FRONT OR SIDE? When threading through the eye of the needle, most machines require that you lead the thread through the needle front to back. However, some machines require you to lead the thread through the side of the needle. To lead the thread through the eye of the needle properly on your machine, be sure to check your user's guide.

THE PRESSER: After threading your needle, lead the thread to the back of the presser foot.

TWO TYPES: There are two different types of machines, a front-loading bobbin machine and a top-loading bobbin machine. The type is important in how you have to place the bobbin into the machine. The front-loading bobbin machine includes a casing in which you insert the bobbin before placing it in the machine.

With both types of machines, you must pick up the bobbin thread through the machine's foot plate. To do this, you have to hold the top thread, turn the hand wheel once to create a stitch loop with the top and bottom threads, and sweep the loop towards to the back of your machine using the top thread to bring the bottom thread up through the foot plate.

Now, you know how to identify the parts of the sewing machine, wind the bobbin, and thread the machine with the top and bottom threads. That's it for this lesson in sewing. Good luck with your next sewing adventure, and happy sewing!

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