Sensational Succulent Gardens for Small Spaces

Posted by on Nov 21, 2015

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Maintaining indoor greenery can be particularly challenging, considering the space and care gardening typically requires. But what if we told you there was a type of plant that you could neglect almost completely, yet it will thrive with just a little sunshine? Yes, folks, we're talking succulents. Growing succulents is the perfect way to liven up small living spaces, and we've rounded up some unique ideas to get you going.

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Hanging Succulent Terrarium
Ample floor space is a luxury not all of us are able to enjoy, which is why the hanging succulent terrarium is such a great idea. Hanging a clear terrarium like this blogger did in her tutorial is a way to capitalize on your space, and maximize the sunlight your succulents receive. 

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Altoid Tin Mini Succulent Garden
This clever upcycled craft project shows just how space-efficient a few succulents can be … and how useful that Altoid tin in your junk drawer is. With a little cactus soil, your portable tin garden will make a cute addition to a windowsill, a sunny bedside table, or even a car dashboard.

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Mason Jar Planters
Let's just admit something straight away: you can put pretty much anything in a mason jar these days and it will look cute and crafty, so why not succulents? Self-contained gardens like these mean you can place them anywhere around the house, from sunny nooks or kitchen tables, without a mess. If you want to keep the jar transparent, try experimenting with different layers of sediments; layers of small pebbles, sand and cactus soil provide more visual appeal than simply a jar of dirt.

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Succulent Garden in a Shoe
A statement piece on the innate disharmony between man and nature — this is the explanation you can impress your friends with. In reality, this little garden stands on its own for simply looking rather snappy. And it's a great way to use the heels you no longer have the patience to walk in.

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Antique Book Succulent Planter
Bibliophiles, if essentially gutting an old, unused book seems morally abhorrent, turn back! If not, try this ingenious tutorial from Apartment Therapy. A mini succulent garden in a book makes a charming coffee table accent — plus the plastic lining can be replaced to keep the book dirt-free.

dinosaur toy craft, succulent planter, upcycled planter
Hillary Hamm

Toy Dinosaur Planter
I can't be the only one who adores ideas with a little "weird" to them. Let me introduce the dinosaur toy succulent planter. Plastic toys like these are commonly found in thrift stores and weekend yard sales—and that's not even counting the ones collecting dust in your parents' basement. With a new coat of paint and some micro-gardening, of which MacGyver would approve, you'll end up with some truly unique succulent décor.

stenciled glass succulent pot

Upcycled Candle Holder

Those lovely coffee table candles come in nice glass jars that beg to be refashioned into something new. Check out how Lisa jazzed up her empty candle holder with some stenciling and metallic paint - now it's a lovely desktop succulent garden for the holidays and all year 'round.

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