Summer Crafts for Kids: Bubbles!

Posted by on Jul 11, 2013

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When I was little, it used to take begging, cajoling and bribing to get me back in the house on a summer day. Sadly, the tables have turned, and now parents are pleading kids to go out into the sun, even if only during commercial breaks. AllFreeKidsCrafts is a website dedicated to getting kids up and out to keep their bodies and minds healthy and happy by offering thousands of crafts and activities that kids adore.

Despite technology’s rapid advancement (and admittedly cool developments as far as kids’ toys go), some of the least complicated activities still top the best summer activities for kids list. Thank goodness, too, because it’s getting more difficult to find projects exciting enough to drag kids away from their video games, television shows and iPads. Thanks to the power of bubbles, kids are still making their way into the sun and enjoying good, old-fashioned soapy craft projects. 

Forget going to the store to buy bottle after bottle of manufactured bubbles, and start making magic at home. Bubble crafts are some of the least expensive craft projects out there, which boosts their popularity among parents (if they weren’t already hooked by the sheer fun of the concept). AllFreeKidsCrafts knows just how much of a blast bubble crafts can be, so we’ve gathered our very best to share with you.

Homemade Bubbles

Blow a perfect bubble without counting on a plastic wand from the store. From the bubble solution to the wand, every part of your spectacular summer day can be homemade. To start, make Easy Homemade Bubble Solution in just moments, and you’ll be ready to make it rain bubbles. If normal-sized bubbles are too ordinary for you, get out the big guns, and make your bubbles the largest ever with the help of the Really Big Bubble Maker.

Continue the fun with these other bubble summer crafts for kids:
Bubble Snake Maker
Bubble Painting
Unstoppable Bouncing Bubbles
Water Bottle Bubbles

Other Summer Crafts for Kids
If bubbles just don’t do it for your kids, don’t worry for even a moment. AllFreeKidsCrafts has hundreds of other summer crafts for kids to get them moving and grooving. Keep cool on the cheap this summer by crafting your own sprinkler. It won’t break the bank (it’s free!), but it sure will break your kiddo’s face into a smile. Keep those energizer bunnies busy with these other crafts for summer that don’t involve technology, but involve TONS of fun!

Check out all of the summer crafts for kids that AllFreeKidsCrafts has to offer!

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