Summer Crock-Pot Meals That Are Good for Your Family

Posted by on Jul 14, 2017

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Healthy Crock-Pot recipes are the perfect combination of yummy, fun and flavorful. Summer is not only the perfect combination of food and sun but also of family and relaxation. Celebrate food and family this season with healthy, slow-cooked versions of your summertime favorites. Start your family off with one of the savory or barbeque-inspired meals below and top it all off with a delicious, yet hearty dessert. Bon appetit!

Crock-Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

For a dish with Mexican flair, try this Chicken Tortilla Soup chock full of veggies and beans. Chicken is a summer favorite, let alone a year-round favorite, so amp up a plain skinless, boneless chicken with chicken broth, crushed tomatoes and corn tortillas. The mix of enchilada sauce and chili powder will leave everyone begging for more.

Crock-Pot Shrimp Scampi

Use your favorite sea-faring food to satisfy your palette. Low-carb Shrimp Scampi will become your new favorite summer seafood meal. With a garlicky, buttery finish, this healthier variation tastes like a carb-rich dish without the fat and calories. Prepping takes only a minute, and cooking takes only 90 minutes. Fairly quick but completely tasty, this recipe has it all.

Crock-Pot Sloppy Joes

A family favorite among healthy Crock-Pot recipes, this sandwich combines hearty meat, mouth-watering spices and yummy vegetables. These Sloppy Joes are all spicy goodness with healthy mix-ins. Try using a mixture of ground beef and turkey or turkey alone for a lean, but still mean, summer dinner.

Crock-Pot Barbeque Beef Sandwiches

For that barbeque summer zest you're craving, make up these BBQ-beef sandwiches in your Crock-Pot. These sandwiches pack a steak-and-Worcestershire-sauce-soaked punch. With a fusion of garlic, brown sugar, pepper and salt, this recipe is teeming with summer flavor.

Crock-Pot Berry Cobbler

With your favorite seasonal berries, you can create a decadent but light dessert option. Crock-Pot berry cobbler sums up summer in a fruity way. Finish this milky, cinnamon-infused dessert with low-fat frozen yogurt for the right combination of warm fruity goodness and cold creamy tastiness.

Crock-Pot Brownies

A favorite at picnics, brownies are all chocolatey indulgence but may not be guilt-free. Try these clean-eating brownies, complete with applesauce, bananas and honey. They're equal parts awesome and whole grain. Enjoy these light, cocoa-fueled treats without feeling carbo-loaded and remorseful. And who says healthy Crock-Pot recipes have to be eaten with a spoon?

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