Update Your Home with a Textured Accent Wall

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016

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Adding a textured accent to one wall in a room can have a profound effect on the space. This relatively simple alteration can create depth and make everything in the room stand out. If you search online for ideas for this decorating tip, you’ll soon find that the possibilities are just about endless. From DIYs to ready-mades, here are seven textured accent wall ideas to help you get started.

Fabric wallpaper on one wall
Fabric Wallpaper

This textured wall idea uses fabric wallpaper to accent one wall. Fabric wallpaper in just about any pattern will create a striking decorative wall, but this flowered pattern is particularly lovely. This tutorial even includes a recipe for homemade starch to affix the wallpaper to your wall. For more information, visit Aesthetic Oiseau.

Faux brick world map
Faux Brick World Map

Sure, an exposed brick wall would make a great texture accent wall. But add on a world map and you’ve got yourself something awesome. For this project, you’ll need faux brick, some paint, and a credible map of the world that you can copy. For more information, visit Classy Clutter.

Trendy Wooden Wall Decal
Walls Need Love
Wood Paneling

Horizontal wood paneling adds a natural trendiness to any wall. Situate a set of bistro chairs and table in front of it and feel like you're sipping coffee at your city's newest cafe while at home. Or, set up a book nook aside your accent wall with a shelf full of books and your comfiest armchair. You'll never want to leave your home again with this wooden wall decal from Walls Need Love.

Stenciled pattern on the wall
Wall Stencilling

To create a beautifully patterned accent wall, try out this stenciling technique. Simply find a stencil shape you like and then start painting! To add some texture to this wall, try using patterned tiles on one accent wall instead. For more information, visit Vintage Revivals.

Reclaimed wood accent wall
Christina Bernales
Reclaimed Wood

This texture accent wall uses the ultimate renovation material - reclaimed wood. This project can be a difficult one to undertake, but the finished product is stunning. You’ll need a whole lot of reclaimed wood, a whole lot of power tools, and a whole lot of DIY enthusiasm. For more information, visit Apartment Therapy.

White-Washed Brick Wall
Walls Need Love
White-Washed Brick

If you're looking for a modern update to your space, look no further than this white-washed brick decal. While the color complements your other neutral walls, the brick technique gives the wall texture and depth. The subtlety of this decal is perfect for someone with minimalist style or who doesn't want a drastic change. Find this white-brick decal at Walls Need Love.

Painted gingham accent wall
Painted Gingham

To add a bit of southern charm to an accent wall, try painting this gingham pattern on it. You’ll need some type of painter’s tape to section off the gingham pattern. To add some texture, try creating the gingham pattern with cloth strips rather than paint. For more information, visit Southern Hospitality.

Barn Wood

There's something so rustic and vintage about barn wood - it always has a story to tell. If walls could only speak, right? Tell your story with a barn wood accent that features aged mixed wood paneling. While this wall accent is only a decal, your home will look and feel like a carpenter just stepped in and turned your home into a wooden paradise. Get this wall decal at Walls Need Love.

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