The 8 Best Websites For Finding Free Fonts

Posted by on Feb 28, 2012

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Even the most tech-challenged among us can create a decent-looking banner, logo or printable thanks to the seemingly never-ending free font resources out there. (Actually, thanks to the generosity of many hard-working graphic designers who make the aforementioned free fonts.) But knowing which sites are legit and which are just computer viruses waiting to happen is a whole different story. Add to that list: Finding stylish fonts in a sea of really boring ones. 

So we did the hard work for you and found eight reliably awesome font resources for your projects. Such excellence comes with a few caveats, though: Some resources have a few free fonts amongst the paid offerings, while others have a pay-as-you-wish model. The font above (called '"Homestead") is by Lost Type Co-Op, which politely asks a donation of whatever you want. Even better, Homestead is licensed for both professional and personal use. So in our opinion, it's pretty much priceless.
To get the free Homestead font, visit Lost Type Co-Op.

The Site: Miss Tiina

We've fallen in love with Miss Tiina, a site that offers digital art, tutorials and ta-da, free fonts. Though Miss Tiina's free fonts are for personal use, you can email her about licensing for professional projects. 
Our pick: Under Your Skin

The Site: Font Squirrel

Need a free font for commercial use? Font Squirrel is the place to go. Here, you'll find a curated selection of fonts ready for logos, sites and more. 
Our pick: Landliebe

The Site: The League Of Moveable Type

Though it lists only a handful of free fonts, The League Of Moveable Type makes up for quantity with exceptional quality. The open-source fonts are, yes, available for free. However, contributions are accepted (and we think that if you're downloading, you might as well kick whatever you can their way). 
Our pick: Ostrich Sans

The Site: DaFont

We're all familiar with DaFont, which is one of the web's leading sources for —you guessed it— fonts. The site does have lots and lots of options to wade through, so you'll have to do some digging to find the good stuff. 
Our pick: Sailors

The Site: Fontspace

Though you could easily get lost amongst the 16,768 (and counting) offerings, finding a great design is worth the search. Fontspace checks each font to ensure its free status, but for licensing info, contact the designer of your favorite.
Our pick: Carnivalee

The Site: Font Fabric

If you love attention to detail, Font Fabric will be your new favorite place to visit. It's described as an "independent type foundry," with an end-goal of producing singularly gorgeous fonts. (Donations are suggested.)  Even better: They also design logos.
Our pick: Intro

The Site: Free Typography

Another great time-waster, the Free Typography site lists loads of gorgeous fonts for the downloading. The fonts tend to be more on the modern/contemporary end of the scale, so if that's your style ... then you're welcome.
Our pick: Satellite

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