The Best GIFs About Knitting — 'New Girl,' 'King of the Hill' & More!

Posted by on May 05, 2015

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Knitting is more than just making making sweaters and scarves with two needles and a boatload of yarn. It influences one's life choices and builds character by forcing you to respond to all of those stupid wisecracks about knitting. And along with those snarky rejoinders come moments of revelation, and moments of revelation bring goofy GIFs that we can watch over and over again. Here, without any further rhapsodizing are the best knitting GIFs, like, ever.

'New Girl' Purls of Wisdom


The Penguins and the Purls


The King's Queen




Wiig Leaves Us in Stitches


The Chair that Can Make a Hat


Morticia Makes a Scarf


The Needle Drops


Purl Party


Walken Works It!


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