The Best Tutorial Videos to Make Tin Can Lanterns

Posted by on Apr 25, 2016

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Making a tin can lantern can be easy. At the most basic, all that's needed is a tin can, a punch, hammer and light source (either a candle or electric light). However, some additional tools make the process a little easier. You can print out or draw a pattern on paper and then tape it to the can as a guide. You can also combine several tin can lanterns to make a scene, establish a motif or create a message. In one of the following videos, a crafter uses several cans to make a tin can sign, using one letter per can. Some of the other creators demonstrate how freezing the can with ice inside or filling with sand makes punching holes easier. Check out the following tin can lantern how-to videos and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comments.

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Randomly Chili demonstrates several steps for punching clean holes into a tin can to create a lantern. She fills the cans with water and then freezes them to create a hard surface to hammer the punch against. She also warns against hanging the lanterns with string (which can burn) and instead advises hanging the tin can lanterns with wire.

So Craftastic draws an original pattern for the holes in the tin can lantern and then tapes the pattern paper around the can's surface. She also uses a hammer and nail instead of a punch to make holes for the light. While most people have a nail around the house, it doesn't create as clean of a hole as a punch. So Craftastic recommends filling the can with ice or sand. To add a little shine she also spray paints the cans. 

Charisse Eaves freehand draws her tin can lantern design or draws them on the can surface with a Magic Marker before starting. She also makes the tin can lanterns with her daughter, underscoring that this project can be fun to do with kids as long as they are comfortable handling a hammer. For a visual accent, Charisse adds a cloth to the rim.

In his tutorial, Jon takes the design to a new level by using a drill to make the holes in the cans. He also makes the tin can lantern a sign of sorts, writing out a holiday message with one letter per can. The approach demonstrates how to use several tin cans to create a more impressive image.

Tired of tin? MADE Everyday shows how to make lanterns using yarn and some paint. It's a very different look, but still pretty stylish.

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