The Best Easy Christmas Party Ideas (VIDEOS)

Posted by on Dec 17, 2018

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You may look at a lot of magazines spreads about Christmas parties and wonder why your holiday decor and outfits don't look quite as good. Of course you don't have a team of designers, makeup artists, cooks and photographers working around the clock to set up your Christmas blowout, but these videos can help you get everything in great shape, and you won't have to work too hard or hire a professional team.

Better Homes and Gardens does not recommend you spending a lot on Christmas decor to get an elegant look. Create a wreath out of thrift store ornaments, turn a bookcase into a holiday bar, and use decor you find at garage sales (like old nutcrackers) to make a lovely mantle display. Of course you need to put some time into doing that shopping, but once you do, you'll have quite the festive look in your living room.

christmas gifts and favors


Worried a little more about the party and less about the decor? Shelby Church has got you covered with ideas for simple, stylish outfits, fun handmade ornaments and, of course, fun food like Santa hat brownie bites.

Angel of BeautifyMeeh has plenty of ideas for Christmas party activities like a photo booth with theme props you can print out and also some suggestions about whether or not you want to host a potluck, have a buffet or a a sit-down dinner. (You're probably just thinking "Whatever is easiest.")

christmas gifts and favors


Don't want to sweat the food too much? Southern Living has suggestions for a Dixie appetizer tray, Creole party tray and other ideas that mean you don't have to do much more than shop and arrange what you bought on a platter. Sounds like a party, right?

Not every Christmas party happens at home. In this video, Joey Graceffa and Colleen Ballinger (of Psycho Soprano and Miranda Sings fame) headed to a crafts store to paint holiday plateware such as mugs and dishes. You'll need to fast forward a couple of minutes before they get to crafting, and be warned that it's light on tips, but packed with gabby fun.

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