The Best Videos to Learn Easy and Crafty Nail Art

Posted by on Jan 24, 2015

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Painting your nails to look like a fun, professional manicure can be surprisingly easy. But you need to understand some tricks and hacks for layering nail polish, and using a striper and dotter (as well as a few DIY nail art tools). The following nail art videos are some of the best out there to have everyone marveling over your distinctive and beautiful fingernails.

You may be excited about painting nail art on the ends of your fingers but not have the tools to start, such as stripers and dotters. While this equipment is relatively inexpensive, you don't need to have it to create a beautiful and clever nail design. AlexandrasGirlyTalk shows you how to make a cheetah pattern, splatter style and even add emojis to your nails without any special tools.

Want to make your designs a little more modern but still don't have a striper or dotter? If you can get your hands on a freezer bag, Janelle from ElleandDish shows you how to make your own nail stickers as well as gives you a rose art design. She also includes zigzag and star designs in her manicure tutorial.

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If you have some craft supplies on hand, you can make amazing nail designs. StarryEyedGlamour has tips on how to use star-shaped glitter to turn your fingertips into a celestial display. She also has an fun recipe for gluing microbeads into the ends of your fingers (it's as easy as putting sprinkles on a cupcake). You may also want to pick up some reinforcement stickers to create an upscale, half-moon design.

This approach to nail art is still fairly easy, yet requires a stamping plate to create an animal design. The nail stamping process will take practice to do right, but the effect is impressive and cute.

Do you have a striper and dotter yet? Hopefully you do so you can follow along with MissJenFabulous' nail designs. She has polka dots, tribal-inspired style and more that will leave you looking like you got a professional manicure.

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