3 Tips for Creating a Farmhouse Style Interior

Posted by on Aug 13, 2016

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Creating a farmhouse style interior can be a lot of fun because there's no one way to do it. Unlike the latest decor trend, you don't need to purchase pieces from a specific designer or match the color of the year. Farmhouse decor (which often overlaps with shabby chic) is usually a combination of flea market finds, designer ideas, upcycling and signature piece buys.

Weaving traditional approaches along with personal inspiration and vintage treasures can create a unified and distinct style. Not sure exactly what constitutes the rural pioneer look? Check out Town N Country Living's article on 10 Elements of Farmhouse Style and Country Living's 34 Clever Ways to Upcycle Flea Market Finds into Stylish Home Decor.

farmhouse style tiny house
Take Designer Inspiration
The Cedar Mountain tiny house by Nashville's New Frontier Tiny Homes has less floor space than the garage of many standard homes. But that small area is packed with a lot of clever, traditional farmhouse style ideas woven into a cozy living area. A vintage suitcase placed on top of a wood luggage rack doubles as a dresser. Underneath the sink is a lazy Susan shelf that swings out when needed with stored food supplies. The bathroom combines modern fittings with a painted-frame mirror to give it a comfortably weathered accent. Need more inspiration? Read 52 Ways to Incorporate Shabby Chic into Every Room in Your House.
signature farmhouse furniture pieces
Pick Signature Pieces
Every well-designed room usually has those conversation pieces that stand out and get wows. When it comes to farmhouse style, these are often a combination of flea market upcycles, beautiful DIY and smart purchases. Of course scouring flea markets and garage sales can be a thrilling way to uncover a beautiful bargain. A Lovely Place to Land has a great writeup about transforming a broken dresser into a new storage space with a fresh batch of baskets. The Garden Glove has an interesting round-up of designs for benches, including one that uses part of a rusted pickup truck for the back. Then of course there are some pieces you think are perfect and need to get, like a tractor seat stool -- the kind of piece that helps define a look by refashioning antique machinery with modern furniture techniques.
DIY farmhouse looks
Smart DIY
Of course those who are handy with a hammer and drill can make some great shabby chic pieces after a trip to the lumber and hardware stores. Joyzz demonstrates how to turn a few mason jars into a memorable (and low-cost) chandelier. Decor and the Dog has plans explaining how build your own farmhouse table. (What better to ensure that it's the perfect size?) Tara Michelle demonstrates how to turn old wooden crates into a new, rustic bookcase. Need more ideas? The Shabby Creek Cottage has a collection of 101 Free Farmhouse Furniture Building Plans.

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