Tips for Reading Japanese Crochet Patterns

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014

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If you're just learning to crochet, or if you want to expand your hook and yarn repertoire to include Japanese patterns, we'd like to share a few resources with you. 

According to Dana Beach (aka Craftyminx), creator of a comprehensive free online crochet school, "Crochet has a system of symbols that is internationally known and accepted called the International Crochet Symbol system. In fact, many Japanese patterns (which are usually the cutest patterns in my opinion) only have charts, so anyone can read them, because this system was developed in Japan sometime around the 1960s and people there have been using it longer." 

crocheted child
The author of the Dancing Barefoot blog also offers tutorials in Japanese crochet - these posts go back a few years, but they're chock full of still-active links to her favorite Japanese pattern sites. She also discusses how to navigate the shaping instructions for Japanese patterns.

Learn the basics of crochet symbols from Laura Eccleston from Happy Berry Crochet, and then check out the CraftFoxes crochet boards on Pinterest and have a ball (of yarn)!

私たちは、かぎ針編  みが大好き!

Translation:  We love crochet!

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