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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012

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While Pinterest is widely known as a place for crafting inspiration, you may not know that there are also many helpful recipe guides on the site. And it seems that everyone has a recipe they’re looking to recommend to others. Pinterest is also an enormous site and it can be hard to find what you’re looking for. To hopefully help you find some of the greatest Pinterest recipes, here are the top 10 most repinned and most pinteresting recipes on the site.

Garlic bread cheesy, Pinterest
#1 - Garlic Cheesy Bread

This tasty, savory Pinterest recipe would be a great appetizer to any meal or just a snack to eat if you’re feeling hungry. Butter and cheese are integral ingredients to this recipe, so you’d better not be worrying about your waistline! This looks absolutely delicious and would be a great way to bring the taste of an Italian restaurant to your dinner table. 
For the original recipe, visit Lauren’s Latest.
Creamy, orange soup with vegetables on top.
#2 - Loaded Baked Potato Soup

This next Pinterest recipe comes to us courtesy of the purported happiest place on earth —Disneyland! The blog post on the Pinterest food category states that earlier this year the Carnation Cafe — home of this Pinterest recipe — closed for remodeling until the summer. In the interim, this recipe was posted to tide people over. This Loaded Baked Potato Soup is, indeed, loaded full of bacon, onions, carrots, celery and other vegetables. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser, especially as the weather gets colder.
For the original Pinterest recipe, visit the Disney Parks blog.
Clear liquid in a pitcher, with fruit floating in it.
#3 - Summer Sangria

Sure, summer is long gone, but it’ll be back again and when it comes around, you’ll want to keep this Pinterest recipe for summer sangria handy. Courtesy of the magazine "Country Living," this sangria calls for Fresca, white wine and any fresh summer fruits you’d like to include, such as peaches, strawberries or grapes. This drink looks refreshing and tasty for a hot summer’s day!
For more information on this Pinterest recipe, visit the High Street Market blog.
Pink liquid with berries floating on top in tall, thin glasses
#4 - The Sarasota

Known as the Sarasota and pinned from the My Baking Addiction blog, this Pinterest recipe is another refreshing beverage to cool off on a summer afternoon. The base for this drink is a simple syrup, which consists of one cup of sugar and one cup of water. Once you’ve made that, simply add a raspberry puree, lemon juice and water to complete the drink. Be sure to add cold water so you don’t have to wait to try this drink!
For the original Pinterest recipe, visit My Baking Addiction.
A pink drink in jars
#5 - Perfect Summer Drink Blend

Another summer beverage that’s popular in the Pinterest food category is this drink, which is called the Perfect Summer Blend. If you’re looking to relax and get a bit tipsy, this could be just the recipe for you. Simply combine one can of frozen limeade, one cup of rum, half a can of Sprite, and two cups of frozen strawberries. Just writing about it is making my mouth water!
For the original post, visit Heather Ross’s blog.
Popsicles with chunks of frozen fruit.
#6 - Frozen Fruit-cicles

Continuing with the summer recipe trend that seems to be prevalent in the Pinterest food category, these frozen fruit-cicles look utterly scrumptious! Though there doesn’t seem to be an original link with a full recipe, one of the commenters on this Pinterest recipe says you simply need to cut up fresh fruit, place it in popsicle trays, add fruit juice, and freeze! They’re visually interesting — or pinteresting — and are a healthy snack for the summer months. 
For the original pin, visit this Pinterest link.
Cake with Oreo crumbs and a cheesecake, pudding base, Pinterest project
#7 - No Bake Oreo Dessert

This Pinterest recipe is not only unbelievably delicious looking, it’s also no-bake so it’s easy to make! Anything that involves Oreos is bound to be awesome, right? For this dessert, simply crush a package of Oreos, set aside half a cup to be sprinkled on top of the finished dessert and pour the rest into a pan. Mix together the other ingredients and spread that mixture onto your cookie crust. There’s no waiting time — just serve and enjoy! 
For the original recipe, visit House 344.
Chicken and vegetables in a casserole dish.
#8 - Garlic & Lemon Chicken

Switching from the sweet to the savory, check out this garlic and lemon chicken dish pinned from the Real Simple site to the Pinterest food category. The recipe calls for four chicken breasts, as well as green beans and potatoes to form the vegetable base of this casserole dish. The chicken will be garnished with olive oil, lemons, garlic, salt and pepper before being baked in the oven.
For the original recipe, visit Real Simple.
Chunks of fresh fruit in waffle cones.
#9 - Fruit Cones

This ultra-simple Pinterest recipe looks like another tasty summer treat, but it would be good for any party. This recipe could be called the lowest maintenance cooking exercise of all time. Simply cut some fresh fruit into small, bite-size pieces, and place those pieces inside some large waffle cones. As the Pinterest recipe suggests, you might even want to coat the inside of the cone with chocolate to keep the fruit inside and add more flavor.
For the original Pinterest recipe, visit this link.
White, whipped frosting in a silver bowl.
#10 - Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

This final Pinterest recipe is a versatile one because it can be put on cakes, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and a variety of other desserts. This whipped cream cheese frosting is made from cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla and heavy cream. Like some of the other Pinterest recipes here, this is not for the calorie-counter!
For the original recipe, visit Not So Humble Pie.

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