Ugly Christmas Sweaters — Crazy, Crafty and Kooky

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015

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My favorite part of Christmas—hands down, no doubt about it—has to be the traditional ugly Christmas sweater party. In the past, I've always raided my local thrift store or my great-grandmother’s sweater drawer in search of the latest bit of woolly ridiculousness. The best ones I've worn featured knobbly scarf-clad sheep and awkward reindeer, complete with glowing light bulb noses. Indeed, I always found such hilarious gems at thrift stores that I never considered making my own ugly Christmas sweater.

This year, however, the potential for kooky knitted nonsense has reached new heights with this series of absolutely genius options for hideous holiday happiness. Try some of the gloriously ugly Christmas sweaters and ugly-sweater-inspired craft designs below at your next holiday party!

Christmas wreath sweater
Wreathy and Leafy

Don’t be fooled by the name — Christmas sweater designs themselves can be adorable… but most of them have no business being on clothing items. This homemade Christmas sweater features a nearly three-dimensional wreath made of fake leaves and ribbon, glued to an up-cycled sweater.  This easy project is perfect for the whole family. 

Holiday sweater upcycle
Put the Sweaters Out of Their Misery

These two completely classy designs are actually made of old Christmas sweaters. Because they’re so colorful and ludicrous, the adornments and knitted bases can make precious decorations for your Christmas tree or around your house. 

christmas stocking sweater
Christmas Camouflage

Be a holiday party ninja and blend in with your mantelpiece by slapping a Christmas stocking smack in the center of your chest. Simply glue a stocking, a little tinsel, and some ornaments on to an old sweater, and you're ready to go.
ho ho ugly christmas sweater
Ho Ho Holiday Sweater

Just because the sweater you found is ugly doesn’t mean your design has to be! The pipe cleaners and baubles on this sweater make a festive and professional embellishment, even if they make a silly sweater.  This easy to make sweater comes together easily from standard craft store items and a little hot glue.  

Upcycled plush Christmas Sweater
Reindeer Surprise

Embellish your belly by lopping the head and feet of a discarded holiday plush toy and affixing them to your least favorite Christmas catastrophe for a surprising and festive feature.  Making this sweater requires basic sewing skills, and may take a few hours. 

reindeer butt sweater
Veggie Macabre
Man Made

This men’s sweater applies new meaning to the term “snowballs.” A pair of bright green baubles below a reindeer’s rear and strategically placed snowman heads put some of the humor back into horrid holiday sweaters. Seriously, these are too funny. 

ugly sweater christmas cookies
Kooky Christmas Cookies

These “ugly” eats are too cute. If you don’t want to perpetuate horrendous holiday eyesores, chow down on your favorite horrible sweater design instead!  These are based on a delicious sugar cookie recipe, and the design is completely down to you. 

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