Unique Homemade Gift Ideas — Best Holiday Recipes For Edible Gifts

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011

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If you're ever at a loss when trying to find a thoughtful gift for someone on your list, look no further than your kitchen. The gift of delicious baked goods is always well received. Keep these holiday recipes handy for your next cookie swap, office party or gift exchange.

Homemade gift ideas, holiday recipe for chocolate cookies
Intensely Chocolate Cookies

One problem we've always had with chocolate cookie recipes is that they often taste of cocoa powder rather than the real thing. Not so with this recipe, which produces an almost overwhelmingly authentic chocolate cookie. 
For the chocolate cookie recipe, visit Katrin's Blog. (Hint: You'll have to hit up Google Translate from German to English, but it's worth the trouble.)
homemade gift ideas, best holiday recipe for iced lemon ginger cookies
Iced Lemon Ginger Cookies

Gingerbread cookies can be a divisive issue, some likening the stuff to cardboard while others can't wait to sink their teeth into spicy goodness. But we found this new twist on the classic to be a hit for all tastes, with it's sweet-citrusy glaze and contrasting gingery chewy cookie. 
For the iced lemon ginger cookie recipe, visit Notes From My Food Diary.
homemade gift ideas, best holiday recipe for coconut macaroons
Toasted Coconut Macaroons

The difference between macaroons that people will eat (and the ones they'll ignore at a cookie swap) is a small one: Toasting the coconut beforehand. This will bring out the flavor of the coconut while eliminating any "stringy" texture.
For a reliable toasted macaroon recipe, visit Food Network.
homemade gift ideas, best holiday recipe for rum balls
Black & White Rum Balls

A rum ball is a rite of adulthood. Strong but sweet, the flavor of cookie crumbs and chopped nuts soaked in rum makes being over 21 at the holidays worth it (and the family gathering a little more tolerable). For the "black and white" effect, roll half the batch in powdered sugar.
For a reliable rum ball recipe, visit Joy Of Baking.
homemade gift ideas, best holiday recipe for peanut butter blossoms
Peanut Butter Blossoms

A retro favorite if there ever was one, these cookies feature a sweet cookie wrapped around a peanut butter cup. (It's a twist on the usual Hershey Kiss-topped cookie.) Who wouldn't want a batch of these to call their own? 
For a tried-and-true peanut butter blossom recipe, visit Betty Crocker.
Linzer Tarts

Think of linzer tarts as an upgrade from your typical thumbprint cookie. These feature a spoonful of juicy raspberry jam sandwiched between two not-too-sweet cookies. You can get creative with the cut-outs, but we like a traditional heart.
For nine great linzer tart recipes, visit Delish.
homemade gift ideas, best holiday recipe for oatmeal cookies
Oatmeal Cookies Made Better

To some people, oatmeal cookies are considered a punishment rather than a gift. (We're not one of those people, for the record. (Ed. note: speak for youself)) These "doily" cookies, however, will completely change their minds. These lacy confections are thin, buttery and delicately chocolatey. The oatmeal isn't center stage but rather a way to get some chewy goodness into the mix.
For a Christmas doily cookie recipe, visit Frugal Wannabe Cooks.

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