Remarkable Ways to Upcycle an Old Bicycle

Posted by on Jul 07, 2014

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On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, there are wheels whirring and spokes humming; they have Tour de France fever! While the pros gear up for the big race, we at CraftFoxes uncovered some unconventional crafts using bicycles. Check out these upcycled bike part projects that will have you thinking of bicycles as more than a mode of transportation.

bike chain art dogs

Bike Part Dog Art

Artist Nirit Levav used bike parts to create an art collection featuring Man’s Best Friend. Using bike chains, fenders, pedals and gears, Levav’s pooches range from a regal Afghan hound to a cuddly beagle. The spectacular range of color is flawless; from soft, natural rusts to bright and bold pinks, Levav’s presentation is impressive. Visit Levav’s website to view the entire collection. Which dog is your favorite?

upcycled bike parts cattle

Bike Seat Rack

Need a place to store your bike that doesn't take up floor space? Make a mountable rack out of a bicycle seat and handlebars. This piece has the ability to stand alone as a piece of wall art, and would make the perfect gift for a University of Texas fan (Hook’ em!) or Texas state history buff. Get more inspiration from Bless This Stuff.

upcycled bike parts chandelier

Outdoor Chandelier

Imagine this outdoor chandelier illuminating your patio as you converse with friends over cocktails. Picture the soft light drifting through the colored glass. This entire piece is awe-inspiring, with the gear serving as a base and the chains providing embellishments. Encourage your creative freedom and incorporate other bike pieces where you see fit. Instructables provides a full list of materials and a walk-through to create this beautiful chandelier.

upcycled bike seat bench

Bike Seat Bench

This Bicycle Bench from Sebastian Errazuriz is composed of pieces of bicycles abandoned on New York City streets. The bench gives a community feel to the space it occupies. It's kid-friendly, eco-conscious and serves as a social awareness wake-up call. Instead of ditching – donate!

upcycled bike wheel garden trellis
Bike Wheel Garden Trellis

This bike wheel garden trellis is an amazing find. The wheel rims are light, sturdy and perfect for supporting upward-growing plants like peas, ivy and flowers. The trellis gives eye-pleasing symmetry to the garden and provides a place for birds to perch. Painting the wheel rims a vibrant orange or cheerful robin's egg blue will attract much deserved attention to your trellis and your gardening space. Suited To The Seasons talks about how they created their trellis. Visit their site to read about it.

bike inner tube purse
Inner Tube Purse

Made from the inner tube of a bicycle wheel, this cross-body messenger bag screams creative innovation. The waterproof and durable plastic is perfect for use as an all-weather, everyday bag. Adding the multi-color fabric swatches gives this bag a funky look that will get heads turning. Warm up your sewing machine and try to re-create the look shown here. Once you're done, be sure to post your pictures on CraftFoxes!

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