Upcycling Your Old Calendar

Posted by on Jan 09, 2011

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Before you throw your old calendar out (or return the multiple new calendars you received as gifts), check out these easy DIY projects that’ll put them to stylish use around your home. For starters, how about these cute little origami stars, pictured above?
Get the free origami stars tutorial from Folding Trees!

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upcycled calendar lampshade
Easy Lampshade Cover

Lampshades get so dusty and grimy and can be pretty tough to clean. I could say that it’s all a big conspiracy put forth by lamp manufacturers, since shades often cost more than an actual lamp, but I have yet to gather any conclusive proof. Instead of running out for a replacement, take a cue from designer Svanna of Carpe+Item and just re-cover the shade instead. She used a super-fancy Stendig calendar, but any oversized version will do.
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upcycled calendar envelope
Picturesque Envelopes

Whether you just ran out of envelopes or have an odd-sized item to mail, a calendar page makes a great stand-in. It's typically a heavier weight than regular paper, so it’s not as prone to tearing and it keeps a nice crease. To address the finished envelope, stick on a blank label. Easy.
Get the free calendar envelope tutorial from Simply Rebekah!
frame upcycled calendar
Framed Artwork

Of course, you wouldn’t want to use this idea for your Mr. Winkle calendar unless you had a good sense of humor. But for fancier calendars, rip out the pages and frame them up for a near-instant gallery. I like using Ikea’s Ribba series of frames for this, since they have a heavier look that gives a more expensive feel.
Find the perfect frames for your calendar pages from Ikea!

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