Scrumptious Vegan Sweet Potato Recipes for the Holidays

Posted by on Dec 05, 2015

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There's so much to love about sweet potatoes. They're the perfect ingredient around the holidays. You can use them in soups or desserts and play up their savory or sweet notes. With so many sweet potato recipes available, you may not find any options friendly to your diet. That's why we found six vegan sweet potato dishes that are as scrumptious as any other. Now, you don't have to sacrifice those sweet potatoes you've been craving.

Vegan Sweet Potato Maple Beer Bread
Nothing starts a good meal off like a freshly-baked loaf, and this vegan maple beer bread is sensational and free of refined sugar. With a crunchy crust and moist interior, this bread is all sorts of baked goodness.  The maple syrup, molasses, and sweet potatoes naturally sweeten the bread, while the beer leaves a miraculously-moist finish. This bread is easy to make and easy to binge on.

Vegan Sweet Potato and Lentil Chili
Perfectly complement your sweet potato bread with a piping-hot helping of vegan sweet potato chili. The combination of sweet potatoes and lentils fills you up with warm wintry delight. Plus, the mix of pepper, paprika, and cayenne pepper makes this chili a spicy addition to your holiday feast.

Vegan Roasted Potato Mac and Cheese
Sophia Zergiotis and Love and Lentils
There's always room for comfort food at your holiday table, and you can't go wrong with mac and cheese. For a vegan take on this classic dish, try this sweet potato mac and cheese recipe. With unsweetened almond milk and gluten-free macaroni, this dish does not sacrifice any creaminess or healthiness. Complete with garlic powder and dijon mustard, this dish is savory in all of the right ways.

Vegan Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potatoes
Mediterranean meets vegan in this baked sweet potato recipe. Zesty and sweet, the combination of sweet potatoes, chickpeas, garlic sauce, and parsley-tomato salad tastes divine. This dish is not only healthy but cooks in 30 minutes. You'll save time and health with a plate of this delectable mix.

Vegan Mexican Chocolate Sweet Potato Pudding
If figgy pudding isn't your style, how about this vegan Mexican chocolate sweet potato pudding? Using stevia, coconut sugar, cayenne pepper, cocoa powder, and cinnamon makes this coconut-milk-and-sweet-potato-based dessert so delicious. With just seven ingredients, this pudding is simply scrumptious.

Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Pie
Pretty in purple is this vegan sweet potato pie. Paleo and gluten-free as well, this pie is all kinds of health and delicious. To achieve a plum finish, this recipe calls for the purple variety of sweet potatoes. Top this perfect pie with homemade coconut whipped cream for the sweetest vegan pie you could ever make.

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