Want a CraftFoxes T-shirt? We're Giving Them Away!

Posted by on Dec 13, 2011

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We love to see what the CraftFoxes have been uploading to the site, such as Emily's gift tags, Suzanne's plushie pill bottle and Xandy's mules. If you've been sitting on the sidelines wondering when you'll get an incentive to add something to the site, here it is: We've got brand new 100% organic cotton CraftFoxes T-shirts, and we'd love you to have one.

How can you get a CraftFoxes T-shirt? Upload a project, how-to or photo gallery to the site and you may get picked to receive one. (Those of you who want to significantly improve your chances can also order a CraftFoxes T-shirt from our Facebook page.) 

Lastly, no matter how you end up with it, please send us a picture of yourself in the shirt! 

— The CraftFoxes Team
Lo, Neil, Bethany, Brie, Josey and Julie 

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  • by salkaye
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    Thank you, CraftFoxes, for the cool t-shirt! :)
    I just love it.
    Unfortunately, I didn't find a place here where I could have uploaded a photo of me wearing it (maybe you could add an "off-topic" area in the forums?) so I share the photograph and a big THANK YOU on my blog: