Working at Home with Pets Getting in the Way

Posted by on Nov 10, 2011

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cat in pet costume craft
The Perfect Crafting Companion

One thing that many crafters have in common (besides mountainous collections of yarn, fabric scraps, cutting tools and adhesives) is an animal companion (or several). A crafterʼs personality seems to be drawn to fluffy, silky or interesting textures both animate and inanimate. And pets are great companions for crafting at home because you can talk to them about whatever you want, but they wonʼt say something at the wrong moment and break your concentration when youʼre counting stitches. However, sometimes pets arenʼt very good at respecting a crafterʼs workspace and materials.

When Good Pets Go Bad

They know theyʼre the most important thing in our lives (right?) but sometimes they have to make a statement when they think weʼre paying too much attention to our projects. How many times have you walked away from your laptop only to find your cat firmly in place on the keyboard — or worse. No yarn that isnʼt under lock and key is safe, and we all know that proud look on a dogʼs face after heʼs strewn polyfiber stuffing from one end of the house to another.
dog in pet costume craft
Sometimes the distractions donʼt come from our pets wanting to be a part of the action; sometimes just their sheer cuteness is enough to derail a project for hours. Snuggle-your-kitty breaks, walk-
your-dog breaks, bathe-your-hedgehog breaks, etc. are all time well spent, but definitely get in the way of deadlines.

But Maybe They're Not So Bad

I like to think that when a pet sits in the middle of a project they think theyʼre helping, but part of me also wonders if they really do want to prevent us from finishing our projects. Because if a crafter lives with a pet, outfits for the pet are pretty much inevitable. And if this is what happens when we craft for out pets, I donʼt blame them for trying to stop us.

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