Clever Yarn Storage Ideas

Posted by on May 19, 2014

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Yarn Stash

Organizing your craft supplies can be an arduous task. If you're like me, your yarn stash may be getting a bit out of control. When my boyfriend's mother learned that I was knitting, I started receiving boxes and boxes of yarn in the mail the very next week. Before long, it became clear I needed a yarn storage solution that was both pretty and useful. 

Today, I want to share some of my favorite storage ideas with you so your stash doesn't end up taking over your house!


Yarn Storage
Diane Mooneyham

Wall of Yarn

Diane shared this shot on her Pinterest board of a friend who bought inexpensive plastic cubes and mounted them to the wall around the sofa where she sits to knit. What a great use of vertical space!

Yarn Wall Display
Country Living Magazine

Simple Wall Hooks

For this special attic-to-kids-room makeover, the design team at Country Living Magazine hung skeins of yarn on the wall with hardware store hooks, using the yarn colors to liven up the room.

Coffee Can Yarn Storage

Coffee Can Storage

This is a brilliant tutorial on how to turn coffee cans into clever storage. The yarn looks great inside and you can decorate the outside of the cans however you want, so it's a win-win!

DIY Peg Board Yarn Storage

Peg Board Wall

Lorna installed a peg board wall for her yarn storage after being inspired by Jill at the Dapper Toad. After you rewind the skeins into balls that have the end of the yarn easy to pull from the center, you could actually pull up a chair and knit right from the wall!

Diamond Cubes Yarn Storage

Custom-Built Diamond Cubes

Tara's handyman husband built these diamond cubes from plywood and mounted them above her desk. It didn't take her long to fill it up!

Wine Cabinet Yarn Storage

Repurposed Wine Cabinet

Prudent Baby brought us this clever storage idea. This wine cabinet wasn't being filled up with wine, but now it's filled up with gorgeous yarn. I love this!

Accordion wine rack yarn storage

Accordion Wine Rack

Amanda used a small accordion wine rack to hold a few skeins of yarn on the wall of her craft room, close to her cozy chair.  

Sonotube Yarn Storage

Cardboard Tubes

Ann Marie made round cubbies from sections of Sonotube, a rigid cardboard tubing used to pour concrete pillars. I would love to do this on a larger scale for maximum impact!

Magazine Holder Yarn Storage

Magazine Holders

Sharon was thrilled to finally find a good use for all the empty cardboard magazine holders she had been holding on to for years!


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