best wooden display stand ideas?

Posted by crandies on Feb 07, 2023
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Hello Everyone,

I’m thinking of making some wooden display stands out of plywood. These will be used to display some drinks bottles. Something similar to point of sale

Can anyone give me ideas on the best type and thickness of material? Also would these be best glued or screwed together?

Thanks in advance : )

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    I'd skip plywood and go with a good pine or oak with nice dark brown/red finish(I've made similar stands for my firearms(specifically for .45 1911 and 2 rifles in 9mm from ). Those are pretty easy to make, a whole load of guides online too! It's just a couple of dovetails and some glue for joints.

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      Oh ye, also made a small dry box for my ammo recently(fits most of my .223 and .380 from <a href=""></a> with no issues :D Love me some woodworking on the weekend, gonna be making new shelves next one).

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