How do I get my measurements for a party dress?

Posted by Stella Erinson on Nov 14, 2011
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Making a party dress for this holiday season but don't know how to get my measurements. Anybody got a good system?

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    Our resident sewing expert, Steffan Lincecum, says this:

    "You need to think about what you'd like your bust to look like ideally and wear that bra. Then you measure over that bra and undies or any other 'shaping garment' you might want."

    "Start there and you will be oh, so much happier."

    "Then take the measurements recommended for the pattern you are making. But, you must start with the right underwear. Even if you are going to make a strapless dress, start with the ideal bust shape and then put padding and boning into the dress to achieve that shape."

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