Posted by John Wright on Oct 20, 2011
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One of the appeals of wall art using vinyl is how easy it is to apply. No difficult techniques, installation or expertise is required. Regardless of the style, content, or size of walls decals, there are two standard ways to apply them: with or without transfer tape.
This method is very similar to the process of applying a temporary tattoo, sans the water. The reversed image arrives on transfer paper and it is applied to the wall by using a squeegee, ruler or other tool to rub the applique to the surface. This technique is especially useful if your art includes small details that are hard to place by hand, or when it is important that your decal is perfectly straight, such as a quote.
This method is basically the same thing as putting a stick on your wall (don’t worry; these stickers come off much easier than traditional ones!). This is best if your decal is more of an artsy design, large letters, or if you don’t have transfer paper on hand.
When applying vinyl, be sure you measure your space and place your vinyl correctly. You can rearrange it a bit after it’s applied, but it’s best to try and get it right the first time. If your walls have any texture on them, you’ll have to rub a bit extra to ensure the vinyl adheres smoothly. If your walls have too much texture to them, the vinyl might not adhere evenly and you might experience peeling of the vinyl. It’s best to choose surfaces that are ultra-smooth such as glass, metal, smooth wood or other smooth surfaces in your home.
Wall Inspired is one of the most popular places to find vinyl decals to dress up your home. They specialize in children’s vinyl wall art and canvas wall hangings, which is a great way to dress up your nursery or kids bedrooms. Vinyl is a great option for growing kids because it is so easy to apply and easy to change as they grow.

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    I love how easy it is to apply teckwrap wall art! Whether you choose to use transfer tape or not, it's a hassle-free way to decorate your space. The description of the two application methods is very clear and helpful. It's also essential to measure and position the vinyl correctly, especially on textured walls. Thanks for the tip about choosing ultra-smooth surfaces for the best adherence.

    And thank you for introducing Wall Inspired. Their specialization in children's vinyl wall art and canvas wall hangings is fantastic for parents looking to spruce up nurseries or kids' bedrooms. The flexibility of vinyl is perfect for ever-changing kids' tastes!

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    nice forum

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