Paper Airplanes

Posted by andrew dewar on Aug 14, 2012

Photos of paper airplanes. Some are origami, some are cut-and-paste card models, but all of them fly. In fact, the best planes can glide for a minute or more!


Jetstream in flight. This is an imaginary plane, idealized for long flights. (via my book In High Performance Paper Airplanes

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    It's fascinating to see the creativity and ingenuity behind these paper airplanes, from intricate origami designs to carefully crafted cut-and-paste models, all capable of impressive flight. The concept of Jetstream, an imaginary plane optimized for extended glides, captures the spirit of innovation in flight. It's amazing how a simple sheet of paper can inspire such diverse and imaginative creations, showcasing the endless possibilities of paper as a medium. The skill and passion evident in these designs truly elevate the art of paper airplanes to new heights.

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