Twine & Jute Crafting

Posted by Melissa Barstow on Sep 24, 2011

Here are some of my latest Twine and Jute addictions. I love to see how many things I can wrap with twine!


So I had some time to kill today before the Niner game starts and I found some extra Jute and Twine in my crafty stash.  I've had these lotion and hand sanitizer bottles by the sink, Costco Size, and thought I needed to pretty them up.  I had just enough Twine and just enough Jute left over scraps like it was meant to be. LOL  Anyhow, a little glue, a little wrappin and some silk flowers and there you have much nicer looking Lotion and Hand Sanitizer bottles in your kitchen.  And these size bottles last forever, so the 10 minutes if that, per bottle is well worth it!!

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  • by sweetlyscrapped
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    Wow! Cute and simple! I like the rustic look! Maybe try making a little pumpkin for autumn?! :)

    • by melissab
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      Thank you! oh yes I'm right on top of that pumpkin! Have the pumpkin, just need to get twin'n!! ;)