Alcohol Ink Coasters

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Alcohol ink ceramic coasters. I used 70% isopropyl alcohol. I had no problem with this type. I couldn't find the 91%.
A lot of people use 91% rubbing alcohol which i will try next. Also, I have read people use hair dryers with a straw too. It is user preference.
Also, I wore eye protective wear when using the heat gun.

Step 1

I made these drink coasters out of ordinary ceramic tiles! I used Master's Touch dual tip alcohol markers. I used 6 different colors!! I then used 70% isopropyl alcohol with a dropper and used a heat gun on a low setting to blend the colors.

Step 2

When it was dry, for my monogram I cut permanent oracle 651 in turquoise with my Silhouette, I used transfer tape and placed it on the tile. I also added silver metallic paint on the side of tile to give it a nice finish. I will be adding epoxy to seal it.
When it is cured, I will be adding adhesive cork tile to the bottom of the tile so it doesn't scratch any surfaces.

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