ChipBoard Buttons/Image Magnets

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I decided to make magnets! They come in handy, and if you're like me and do not have any magnets, you you can make your own. The steps are really easy, and I just used supplies I already had. Since we are in the month of October, I decided to show some Halloween cheer. I hope you like it!
What You'll Need:
- Chipboard Buttons
- Adhesive Magnet Strap
- Bottle Cap Images
- Epoxy Dots
- Glue-Gun

Step 1

Remove the chipboard holes. Place Epoxy dot over top of each chipboard circle, pressing hard.

Step 2

Cut the magnet to size. Remove adhesive backing from the magnet.

Step 3

Use your glue gun to adhere the sticky side of the magnet to the back of the chipboard. The sticky part holds best with hot glue, so you don't end up with magnets on the floor.

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