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Use this easy tutorial from "Oh Sew Easy -- Lifestyle" (C&T Publishing) by Valori Wells and Carolyn Spencer to sew a clean edge band for unique projects like apron waistbands and DIY bag handles.
Patterns will usually advise you as to what width and length your fabric should be. If not using a pattern, know that the final creation will be a quarter of the original cut fabric, since we're folding the fabric in half twice. The final length is easy to predict, since it will be the same as the original.


Step 1

To create a band with a clean edge, fold the fabric strip in half lengthwise with the right side out. Press (or iron). We'll be using that pressed (or ironed) line as a guide for the next step.

Step 2

Open the fabric strip, and place it with the wrong (or back) side up. Using the pressed center line as a guide, fold each edge almost to the center. Press.

Step 3

Fold the band in half again (hot-dog ways) and press. You shouldn't be able to see any raw edges, and the pretty part of the fabric, the right side, is the only part showing.
From here, your pattern will usually direct you to how to use the clean edge band.

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    I feel like nothing cinches my waist in more than a nice thick waistband. Who says aprons can't be flattering? Can't wait to make my own!