Foam Tropical Windsock Craft for Kids

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Create a tropical windsock to enjoy yourself or give as a gift. It’s a great reminder of how much fun it is to be at the ocean!
Art foam (12" x 18" sheets):
- 1 blue (cut 1 piece 7" x 18" and 4 pieces 1/2" x 1 1/2")
- 1 chartreuse green (cut 1 Fish D; cut 3 danglers
- 1 1/4" x 12"; cut Seaweed)
- 1 lavender (cut 3 danglers 1 1/4" x 12")
- 1 yellow (cut 1 Fish C; cut 3 danglers 1 1/4" x 12")
Art foam (9" x 12" sheets):
- 1 dark green (cut 1 Fins D; cut Seaweed)
- 1 medium green (cut Seaweed)
- 1 tan (cut 1 Sand)
- 1 turquoise (cut 1 Fins C)
- 1 light pink (cut 1 Fish B)
- 1 dark pink (cut 1 Fins B)
- 1 white (cut 1 each Fish Eyes A, B, C, and D)
- 1 orange (cut 1 Fish A)
- 1 light orange (cut 1 Fins A)
Dimensional paint:
- Brown
- Green
- Blue glitter
- Crystal glitter
- Green glitter
- Acrylic paint: Lamp Black
- Variety of small seashells
- 3 yards of 1/4" chartreuse green satin ribbon

Source: , Design Originals - Awesome Foam Craft: Everyth...

Step 1

Cut fish according to Pattern A.

Step 2

Cut fish according to Pattern B.

Step 3

Cut fish according to Pattern C.

Step 4

Cut fish according to Pattern D.

Step 5

Paint all details on all fish parts Lamp Black.
Add details to all leaves, using green between leaves and green glitter for leaf veins.
Glue on sand and leaves.
Use brown dimensional paint to add lines to sand.
Glue seashells on sand. Glue fins, eyes, and tails to fish. Glue on fish. Add bubbles of blue and crystal glitter dots. Glue danglers evenly around bottom of windsock. Glue side seam with a slight overlap. Use clothespins at top and bottom until dry.
(Hint: Lay seam side down and put something with some weight to it over the seam to help hold it together until dry.)
Use large hole punch to make four 1/4" holes evenly along top approximately 3/8" from top edge. Glue small blue strips over holes. Re-punch holes. Cut ribbon into four equal pieces. Loop a ribbon through the hole. Bring loose ends up and tie all together, leaving 4" of ribbon hanging loose. Tie 2 loose ribbons together to create a loop for hanging.

Step 6

Excerpted with permission from "Awesome Foam Craft" by Design Originals.

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