Wiggly Worm Ring Toss Game for Kids

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Video games are overrated. You can have just as much fun with this striped worm and his colorful rings. See if you can toss a ring onto one of the worm’s antennae or, even better, get a ringer around the worm himself!
- Cotton swab
- 2–3 cups of sand
- 4" terra cotta flowerpot
- 3 chenille stems in Orange, Chartreuse, and Yellow
- 4" of 1/8" yellow satin ribbon
- (2) 2 1/2" of 24-gauge copper wire
-Wood items:
- 1 large craft stick (worm)
- (2) 1" ovals (eyes)
- 1 1/4" circle (caterpillar head)
- (6) 3/4" circles (caterpillar body)
- 5/8" x 5/8" x 1" triangle (caterpillar tail)
Acrylic paint:
- Lamp Black
- Pumpkin
- Saffron Yellow
- Sour Apple
- White Wash

Source: Awesome Woodlets | Design Originals

Step 1

Basecoat outside of flowerpot White Wash. Paint flowerpot band Saffron Yellow and lower section Pumpkin. Use cotton swab to dot Pumpkin and Sour Apple on band.

Step 2

Worm Stick
Measure 1 1/2" down from one end of craft stick, then make a mark every 3/4" with pencil for stripes. Paint top stripe Sour Apple and continue with Saffron Yellow and Pumpkin. Paint eyes White Wash, let dry, and glue to worm. Paint Lamp Black eyebrows and mouth. Dot Lamp Black onto eyes and Pumpkin cheeks.

Step 3

Paint head and body Sour Apple and tail Saffron Yellow. Dot on Lamp Black eyes and Pumpkin cheeks and tail. Paint Lamp Black eyebrows and mouth.

Step 4

Spray all wood pieces and pot with matte spray. Tie ribbon into bow and glue to worm chin. Curl each end of wires, bend in center and glue to back of worm and caterpillar head. Glue to assemble. Place sand in flowerpot and stick worm in center. Cut each chenille stem in half and twist ends together to form circles for ring tossing.

Step 5

Excerpted with permission from "Awesome Woodlets:Wooden Cut-Out Projects for Every Season" by Margaret Riley, published by Design Originals.

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