Crafts for Teens — Ankh Keychain Tutorial

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The Ankh was the ancient Egyptian symbol for life and vitality. It is found in the name of the famous boy-king,
Tut-ankh-amen (above). Make one, and use it as a lively pin or pull or chain.
- 2 pieces 6-foot plastic lace
- 2 pieces 20-inch plastic lace
- 1 key ring

Source: Plastic Lace Crafts for Beginners | Design Originals

Step 1

Start a Keyhole Key Chain. Finish the straight section after 2 inches. For the cross-arm, take 20 inches of each of the two colors already used, and start stitching the same stitch used for the main body of the Ankh. After nine stitches, run two strands over and two under the straight section.

Step 2

Close with a stitch on the other side. Slide the cross-arm near to the loop and tighten. Continue with eight more stitches, finish, and cut the ends close.

Step 3

Adapted from "Plastic Lace Crafts for Beginners: Groovy Gimp, Super Scoubidou, and Beast Boondoggle" by David Hall, David Kominz and Phyliss Damon-Kominz and published by Design Originals.

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