Back-to-School Crafts for Teens and Kids

Posted by on Jul 24, 2012

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Amy Atlas / Sweet Designs


Back-to-school crafts offer a sweet send-off for those tiny students heading to school for their first or second years. They can also help direct the nervous energy teens might feel about overcrowded lunch rooms and new teachers. We’ve gathered a few of the cutest and coolest back-to-school crafts for you to make for (or with) your teens and kids.

pencil sharpener ring
Ring True 

School is to students as a sharpener is to pencils, and this clever back to school jewelry offers a practical but trendy accessory for the adventurous (or disorganized) teen. While this ring from The Worship Museum clocks in at $225, and so not on our schooltime must-buy list, it does inspire us to think of other unique school-supply-as-jewelry combos. Staplers as earrings, anyone?  
To buy the pencil sharpener ring, go to The Worship Museum
diy book covers
Take Cover 

The older kids will almost certainly have to cover their books for homework that first week, so be prepared with this stylish book cover and bookmark tutorial using decorative paper and cardstock. 
Go to Twig & Thistle for the free back-to-school book cover tutorial. 
bottle cap magnets
Thinking Cap 

These DIY bottle cap magnets offer intriguing locker décor, and, thanks to a simple printable graphic, are easy enough for even non-crafty teens to complete. Sub the vintage-inspired clock for another favorite image — motorcycles, puppies or even inside jokes — to personalize the craft. 
How About Orange has a free bottle cap magnet for your back-to-school craft wish list.  
pocket notebook
Out of Pocket 

While pocket protectors have long been associated with "geeks" who actually use the pocket of their button downs, this back-to-school craft employs the handy holder while losing all that negative social stigma. 
For the complete revamped notebook pocket tutorial, check out Crème de la Craft.
back to school cupcakes
An Apple a Day 

A back-to-school party, whether the week before or after the actual first day, helps anxious and eager students (and parents) focus their emotions. Apples inspire this school-themed party, which includes a Macintosh fondant cake topper, math-inspired cupcakes and even toffee apples supported by pencils instead of popsicle sticks.
Head to Sweet Designs for more on this charming back-to-school craft party. 
back to school candy pencil
Pencil Pusher 

Cardstock and aluminum foil give this candy a makeover for a truly sweet back-to-school craft for kids. Rolos or Life Savers form the pencil while Hershey Kisses create the tip. Consider making a whole pack of “pencils” for your first-time student to share with classmates, or have an older kid make these with friends as a gift for younger siblings. 
The Blackberry Vine has a free tutorial to make your own back-to-school candy pencil. 
book inspired back to school snack bag
By the Book 

Vintage library check-out cards attached to brown paper sacks become unique back-to-school snack bags. Customize the craft by slipping in a handmade breakfast rather than candy, or help your student write a sweet note on the card and mail it to his or her future teacher on or before the first day of school. 
Michelle Wooderson has the free library card back-to-school craft. 
goldfish back to school snack
First Crack 

Who doesn’t love a pun? This easy back-to-school treat features goldfish crackers and a tiny note that reads, “You’re o-FISH-ally in 2nd grade.” Another craft for the young student, it offers a last-minute craft for the lunchbox that won’t stress out your morning routine.
See more on the project at There's a First for Everything.

Image credits (from top): Amy Atlas / Sweet Designs, The Worship Museum, Twig & Thistle, Creme de la Craft, Amy Atlas / Sweet Designs, The Blackberry Vine, There's a "1st" for Everything, Michelle Wooderson and How About Orange

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