DIY Flip Flops with T-Shirt Yarn

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Not only are these flip-flops one-of-a-kind, but their straps are also cushioned with T-shirt yarn so they are completely comfortable. Select one of three great embellishment styles.
- Hand-dyed T-shirt yarn
- Flip-flops
- Heavy-duty double-sided tape
- Fabric glue
- Needle tool or heavy-duty toothpick
- Scissors

Source: Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn | Design Originals

Step 1

Tape and Begin
Cut two 50" (1270mm) T-shirt yarn strips for each pair of flip-flops. Apply double-sided tape to the tops of the flip-flop straps. (At this point, peel off the backing just a little bit at the base of the flip-flop where the back strap is attached; this will make it easier to remove completely in the next step.)
Starting at one side, add a drop of glue and insert the end of one yarn strip into the base of the flip-flop where the back strap is attached. Be sure to push it in deeply and securely.

Step 2

Wrap the Straps
Remove the rest of the backing from the tape and start wrapping the yarn strip around the flip-flop strap, pressing the yarn strip into the tape as you wrap. Continue wrapping until you reach the base of the flip-flop strap on the opposite side. Trim the strip, leaving enough to add a drop of glue and insert securely into the base of the strap.

Step 3

Use glue to add a single strip of yarn to the outer rim of the flip-flop. Alternatively, cover the entire rim using three rows of yarn. Start and finish the rows at the heel of the flip-flop.

Step 4

Embellishment Options
Create two 2" (51mm), four 1" (25mm), and four 3/4" (19mm) spirals for each pair of flip-flops. Glue the spirals to the top of the wrapped flip-flops, starting with the largest spiral at the center, adding the medium spirals to either side, and then finishing with the smallest spirals.

Step 5

Crazy Fob
Cut twenty-four 5" (127mm) strips. Wrap a 10" (254mm) strip around the center of the 5" (127mm) strips and tie the bundle to the front of the flip-flop strap, wrapping the tie strip around the strap twice and securing with a double knot. Trim the strips to the desired length.

Step 6

Wrap some yarn around your hand three times, leaving some extra loose at the beginning and end. Remove the bundle of yarn from your hand. Form a bow by tying a 10" (254mm) strip around the center of the bundle. Trim all four loose ends to the desired length and glue the bow to the front of the flip-flop strap.

Step 7

This DIY flip-flop tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Making Jewelry with T-Shirt Yarn: How to Create Fabulous Fabric Accessories (Design Originals)" by Lorine Mason, published by Design Originals.

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