Duct Tape Crafts — Coin Bank

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Help your kids to make this unique duct tape craft. Decorate your coin box with different designs, jewels, or any creative aspect to make it one of a kind!
- Duck® Brand Duct Tape
- Tissue Box
- Scissors
- Craft board (optional)

Source: ,Official Duck Tape(R) Craft Book: 15 Easy Duck Tape(R) Pro...

Step 1

Cut strips of Duck® Tape to fit your tissue box. Note: Cover the corners of the box first to ensure clean smooth lines on your coin bank.

Step 2

Cover your tissue box with the Duck® Tape strips you cut in step 1. Make sure to leave the tissue opening on top uncovered so you can put your money in it. Use different colors of Duck® Tape to create a unique look.

Step 3

To open, cut a small slit in the bottom of the tissue box to access your money. Once empty, simply seal the hole with another strip of Duck® Tape and start saving for your next roll of fun!

Step 4

Excerpted with permission from "Official Duck Tape(R) Craft Book: 15 Easy Duck Tape(R) Projects", published by Design Originals. All images from ShurTech Brand, LLC.

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