Halloween Shadow Lantern

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Use duct tape to create a unique Halloween shadow lantern. When illuminated by a candle the figures dance and scrape along a wall, great for late-night storytelling or scary movie watching. Duct tape is one of the better materials for making lights and lanterns as it clings to the curved shape better than paper. Make a simple bat silhouette as I've made or even cut thin strips of duct tape for a spiderweb pattern, topped by a creepy, crawling spider.
Materials & Tools:
- 3-5-inch pieces of Scotch Duct Tape, 1 piece for every bat you plan to make
- Scissors
- Wax paper
- Mason jar
- Candle

Step 1

Either freeform or using a template you've drawn yourself, cut a bat silhouette onto duct tape. Repeat cutting to make a complete bat colony.
Tip: I modeled my bat shape off of this simple drawing from Macaroni Soup. Since duct tape is a thick craft material, know that some of the details of your bat may get lost.

Step 2

Place the finished bat shape onto a clean Mason jar. Be careful not to leave thumbprints as washing them away will also weaken the duct tape adhesive while leaving them on may clutter up your shadows. Place a small votive candle inside the jar, light and get ready to run as the bats come dancing after you.
Tip: Consider putting little red fangs or even cutting them out of your bat for an added scare.

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