7 Unusual Halloween Costumes

Posted by on Oct 09, 2012

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A truly unique Halloween costume smacks of creativity and demands guts — and lots of them — to pull it off. Whether it’s painting yourself blue from head to toe for a DIY Smurfs styling or recreating a popular piece of pop art, all of these Halloween costumes will take a figurative girding of the loins to take out into public. But if done correctly, these costumes have a lottery-size payback.

kokeshi doll Halloween costume
Doll Face

Created for kids, this Halloween costume transforms a little girl into a kokeshi doll, popular overseas but still relegated to subculture status here in the States. A vintage kimono and a wig made from white polar fleece set the stage for this fun creation.
For more on this kokeshi doll Halloween costume, head to Small magazine.
lichtenstein Halloween costume
Comically Sad

Pop art offers an eye-popping Halloween costume as a model becomes polka dotted to look like a Lichtenstein comic. Oversized pearl earrings and a brassy blond wig complete the look.
For more on this unique Halloween costume, head to Scene 360.
lorax Halloween costume
"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."

The Lorax gets an orange overhaul in this unique Halloween costume from Colour Me There and featured on Babble. Tangerine paint adorns a DIY cape, which is then patched with feathered fat quarter cuttings.
For more on this unique Lorax Halloween costume, head to Babble.
cupcake Halloween costume
Take the Cake

If worn by an adult, this sweet but daring Halloween costume will definitely raise a few eyebrows. A pink sheet stuffed with filling makes up the icing, while clay sprinkles dot the sugar topper.
To learn more about this cupcake Halloween costume, head to Cake Journal.
sexy dinosaur Halloween costume

Dinosaur spikes attached to a trendy jumpsuit with hood create a skin-tight Halloween costume that needs more than just sewing skills to pull off. Customize this craft by sewing ears and a tail to a jumpsuit for a cat or spots for a leopard.
Learn more about this sexy dinosaur Halloween costume via this CraftFoxes’ post.
smurf Halloween costume
Blue Man (or Woman) Group

A historically-accurate Phrygian cap and blue paint comprise this surprisingly easy but unusual Halloween costume. Cut the hat from an unwanted white polar fleece (red if you’re Papa Smurf). Stuffing and stitching keeps the hat’s tip flopped down while a blue body paint and white clothes complete the look.
Grab the free sewing pattern to make your own Smurf Halloween costume via Scootchmaroo.
wonda woman Halloween costume
Wonders Never Cease

This Wonder Woman Halloween costume is made almost entirely from yarn. Yep, a knit hot pants jumpsuit. While the pattern is not free, it is customizable. Putting in your measurements automatically converts the pattern to fit you. If only there were tips on how to keep it from falling down or riding up.
Head to Chris Wass's store to buy the unique Halloween costume knitting pattern.

Image credits (from top): Scene 360, Nick Prendergast / Small, Scene 360, Colour Me There, Cake Journal, Victoria Brewer, Scootchmaroo / Instructables and Chris Wass.

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