Hand-Painted Love Plate Decorated with Tribal Design

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This love plate, hand-painted with a tribal design, makes a bold statement. You can use the provided pattern or create your own custom pattern for a one of a kind piece. (Designed by Suzie Shinseki and reprinted from I Love to Create with Permission.)
Large Heart Plate 11.25" x 10.5" x 1"
Cover-Coat Opaque Underglazes (CC 118 Cobalt Crystal Black, CC 148 Deep Turquoise, CC 194 Red Wagon, CC 203 Neon Chartreuse)
Signature Brushes (SB 802 No. 1 Liner, SB 806 No. 6 Round, SB 807 No. 6 Fan Glaze, SB 810 No. 10 Shader)
Duncan Pure Brilliance Clear Glaze
Patterns (use link on ilovetocreate)
Clay carbon paper
Container for water
Potter’s sponge
Optional: Masking tape 1/4"
Foil or foam plate for palette
Ruler 12”, flexible plastic

Source: Creative How-To Projects | iLoveToCreate?name=Tribal+Love

Step 1

Wipe plate with damp sponge to remove bisque dust.

Step 2

Enlarge pattern to fit onto plate.

Step 3

Place clay carbon paper onto plate with pattern positioned on top. With pencil, carefully trace over pattern to transfer to plate. Use a ruler as guide if necessary.

Step 4

Use No. 6 Round to paint three coats Red Wagon into indicated squares. *If desired, mask off the red section using masking tape and paint around the black center square.

Step 5

Paint three coats in the Chartreuse sections and dot in the center of the black squares.
Paint three coats Turquoise in indicated sections.
Carefully paint three coats Black in the indicated areas.

Step 6

Use end of brush handle to dip in the Black and make dots in the Turquoise sections. Let dry.

Step 7

Turn plate to backside and brush three coats Black.

Step 8

“Dry foot” (place on kiln shelf without stilts) and fire to cone 04.

Step 9

Using Fan Glaze brush, apply two coats Pure Brilliance? Clear Glaze to front of plate. Repeat with back of plate.

Step 10

Stilt in kiln and fire to cone 06.

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