Junk Mail Bookmarks

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Bookmarks are a favorite of mine. But as likely as I am to get lost in a good book, I am even more likely to lose the bookmark that's keeping my page. Thus, spending money on the tasseled and beribboned affairs so often corralled at the checkout counter was never going to happen. That is, until I created this easy how-to for creating bookmarks from junk mail. A few embroidery stitches on the graphics or along a surprising phrase, and I've got myself a handy-dandy bookmark that I love, but am also not afraid to lose.
Materials & Supplies:
- Junk mail or unwanted stationary
- Scissors
- Embroidery floss
- Needle

Step 1

Fold your junk mail so that you have a 90-degree angle, and use scissors to trim away any excess.

Step 2

Blanket stitch the edges, being sure to leave the long segment opposite the right angle unstitched.

Step 3

Optional: Add favorite embroidery stitches to your design or even use your sewing machine's stitchable patterns to create a whole-punched template, and then fill in the design with thread.

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