Mini Scrapbook Album with Zig-Zag Spine

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Scrapbook expert and Etsy shop owner Elise Blaha offers this easy photo tutorial for making a quick mini scrapbook album. Due to its size, the mini scrapbook is great for trying out new techniques or finishing in just one sitting.
- adhesive
- 12 photos or pieces of paper cut to 5" x 5"
- 1 piece of 5" x 10" thin paper (not cardstock)

Source: Elise Blaha :: enJOY it.

Step 1

Gather your materials.

Step 2

Fold the 5" x 10" paper back and forth the way you would make a paper fan. The folds should occur about every inch so you end up with 9 folds.

Step 3

Run adhesive along the outside edge of the accordion folded piece and attach the edge of the cover photo/paper to it.

Step 4

Run adhesive along the edges of the backside of the first photo and add your second photo/paper to the back.

Step 5

You have just created pages one and two of your book by gluing two photos back to back with the edge of the accordion folded paper stuck between them. The folded part should be sandwiched in between the two pieces of paper.

Step 6

Work your way to the other end of the folded sheet by adhering more photos or paper to the folded edge and then to each other.

Step 7

Use a paper cutter to even up the page edges if they need it.

Step 8

And you're done! You have created a book with 12 images or 12 pages!

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