Mustache Baby Hat

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Do you love mustache crafts? Extra fleece fabric makes for an easy baby hat while a small 'stache adds instant humor and charm.
- Fleece fabric (upcycled from a shirt or pant)
- Scrap of faux fur
- Scissors
- Matching thread
- Sewing machine (optional)
- Iron
- Contrasting thread
- Needle

Step 1

Prep the fleece by cutting 2 pieces so they measures (for a 3-6 month old) about 17-inches wide by 7-inches high. If using a pant or sweater, feel free to take advantage of a pre-existing seam.

Step 2

Prep the mustache by cutting the faux fur into a mustache shape. If not wanting to go free-hand, consider tracing one of these mustache shapes from Build a Beard onto wax paper and then cutting accordingly. The cut mustache should measure about 2.5-inches.

Step 3

Sew the mustache to the front of the hat by hand. Next, with the right-sides of the fabric facing each other (the mustache should be facing inward), stitch along the edges of the hat. Press seams.

Step 4

To create the ears, thread a needle and pinch a corner of the hat about 3-inches down. Insert the needle once and then wrap the thread around the corner several times. Secure, and then repeat with the opposite corner.

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