Mustache Crafts Get Girly in Time for Movember

Posted by on Nov 08, 2011

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Mustache crafts have become surprisingly feminine. From pastel headbands and floral quilts to delicate baby booties and cross-stitched hairpins, these crumb catchers have certainly got us asking why boys should have all the fun in November, which has become the De facto month of the year to celebrate lip warmers thanks to Movember's efforts to raise money for prostate cancer with mustache-growing campaigns.

Mustache Fabric Journal Covers
Mustache-Fabric Journal Covers

Reincarnate vintage sheets into unique journal covers with this easy sewing project. A simple mustache sketch is filled in with durable fabric paint, and voila—(almost) instant trend! 
Learn how to make your own fabric journal covers from A Beautiful Mess.
felt mustache headband moustache
Felt Headband Mustache

The stylish stubble of a mustache is memorialized in aqua blue felt. While this item from Etsy seller Love, Elycia is no longer available, crafters can take their own stab at this easy needlecraft project. Braid elastic cord and knot it closed. Then secure a felt moustache with a few simple stitches. 
cross stitch moustache bobby pins
Cross-Stitch Mustache Bobby Pins

This needlecraft hair flair offer a feminine touch to moustache memorabilia. While this product from Little Deer is also MIA, the moustache silhouette is so simple that even those new to cross-stitch can finish a project in less than an hour. 
Learn how to cross-stitch in 5 minutes via Yarn Tree
moustache quilt
Mustache Quilt

Floral mustache? And yet it works. This unique quilt from Maddie and Me uses raw edge applique to attach mustaches cut from girly blossoms and prints. 
Learn how to make your own quilt with our easy tutorial!
milk bottle and glasses with felt moustache
Milk Mustache

The milk mustache is perhaps one of the first times most of us celebrated our nose-neighbor, and thanks to The Purple Pug, it's now become our favorite party favor. Make your own decanter decor by cutting different mustache shapes from felt and temporarily attaching them to party glasses via ribbon.
For more ideas, check out A Field Guide to Typestaches from A Girl Named Tor!
moustache rubber eraser stamp
Mustache Rubber Eraser Stamp

An Exacto knife and a rubber eraser are all you need to create your own bearded blunder. Use to decorate cards or even as unique party favors. 
Get the free mustache rubber eraser stamp from The Sweetest Occassion

fondant moustache cupcakes
Mustache Cupcakes

Who needs a cherry on top when a mustache is so much trendier? To make your own soup-strainer decor like these from The Cupcake Blog, DIY a cardboard mustache template and then cut your favorite 'stache shape into colored fondant. 
Or learn how to make your own colored fondant via Annie's Eats!
Knit Moustache Baby Booties
Knit Mustache Baby Booties

For the toddler that can't stumble anywhere without at least a little style on his stompers, consider these unique knit baby booties with embroidered mustaches.
Head to Pleasantly Plump Knits to get your own mustachio knit booties, or learn how to make your own embroidered baby booties via our how-to!
etched moustache glasses
Etched Mustache Glasses

These etched glass tumblers via Bread and Badger are one of the more popular ways to celebrate our whiskered wonder.
Learn how to make your own etched glass via Glass Etching Secrets or read our interview with the super-selling Esty shop!
moustache lollipops
Mustache Lollipops

As a trendy party favor, you can't go wrong. To make your own, pour melted chocolate or peanut butter chips into mustache-shaped candy molds and allow to cool completely.
Or you could head to Five Sisterz to buy your own moustache lollipops!

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