Origami Witch

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This menacing matriarch of the skies, with her evil cackling laugh, is guaranteed to give anyone she encounters an unhealthy drink of revolting spider and toad juice. Learn to make an origami witch to decorate your home for Halloween.
You will need:
- Three squares of paper, identical in size, plain on one side and colored on the other
- Scissors
- Glue stick

Step 1

From two squares, cut out squares for the face and hat and cloak to the size shown.

Step 2

Broomstick: Begin by folding paper as pictured, with the remaining square, plain side up. Stopping short of the bottom point, valley fold the sloping edges over towards the vertical middle line as shown.
Valley fold in half from bottom to top.

Step 3

Valley fold the top point down, making a small pleat in the paper.
Narrow down the model on either side with valley folds as shown.
Valley fold in half from right to left.
To complete, blunt a little of the bottom point with an inside reverse fold.

Step 4

Face and hat: Begin by folding as pictured, with the face and hat’s square, plain side up.
From the top corner, valley fold the sloping edges in to meet the vertical fold-line, making a diamond base.
Valley fold in half from bottom to top.
Valley fold the bottom edge up as far as shown.
Valley fold a little of the horizontal edge over.
Valley fold the top point down to meet the middle of the bottom edge.

Step 5

Turn the paper around 180° clockwise. Step fold the nose in
to place and tuck its tip underneath the horizontal edge.
Flip the bottom point backwards and up as far as it will go.
Mountain fold in half from left to right.
Pinch the nose and pull it away from the vertical folded edge slightly.
Swing the pointed section of paper towards the right. Pressing it flat in to the position as shown. To complete, inside reverse fold the top point to the right at the desired angle.

Step 6

Cloak: Turn the cloak’s square around so that one corner points towards you, plain side up.
Valley fold it in half horizontally from top to bottom, making a diaper fold.
Valley fold the top right-hand point down to meet the bottom point and then valley fold it back out to the right at a slight angle.
Press the paper flat and unfold the point.

Step 7

Along the fold lines made in steps 20 and 21 (on diagram), step fold the right-hand point on either side down inside the model.
To complete, blunt a little of the left-hand point with an inside reverse fold.
To complete the Flying Evil Witch, slip the face and hat over the cloak’s blunted point. Insert the broomstick in-between the cloak’s lower layers at the desired angle. Glue all parts together.

Step 8

This origami witch project is reprinted with permission from "Horrorgami" © 2012 by Chris Marks, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

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