Recycled Starburst Mirror

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Can you guess what this vintage-inspired starburst mirror is made from? Magazine pages, rolled tightly against a chopstick, create the foundation of this unique home decor, created by Amanda Lee of House Revivals.
Materials & Tools:
-Heavy pages of magazine paper, torn in half lengthwise
-Cardboard cut into circle
-Woven belt
-Clothes hanger

Source: ,House Revivals: Make a Starburst Mirror from Recycled Maga...

Step 1

To make your own starburst mirror, start by tearing magazine pages into strips using magazines with really good heavy paper. Double up the strips and roll them around a chopstick to create narrow cones. Wrap painter's tape around the chopstick to keep the paper from slipping while rolling it. Secure each cone with glue.

Step 2

Repeat the first step about two million times, then, using the wide end of your chopstick, push the wide, open-end of your little paper cones closed. Vary how much you push the end to create at least three different finished sizes.
Keep pushing and folding the wide end in on itself until you get to the really strong part of the cone.

Step 3

Glue groups of five to seven cones together to form the starburst rays, and then, glue a piece of recycled cardboard to the back of each group of cones.

Step 4

Decide how you want to place the rays and glue them to a piece of cardboard. For greater depth, stack one group of cones on top of another.

Step 5

Next, glue shorter single cones into spaces between the rays. Allow to dry, and then prime the starburst cones. Glue mirror to the cardboard and add a belt to frame the mirror, if desired. Lastly, paint everything.
To use a belt: choose a woven one and weave the ends together to form a continuous circle. Fill in the gaps between the belt and the ray with joint compound.

Step 6

Reinforce the back of the starburst with additional cardboard. To hang the mirror, fold a wire coat hanger and attack to the back with glue.

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